Zack Weinberg is a member of DARPA.


Before Scarecrow and the Army of ThievesEdit

Zack Weinberg was sent by DARPA to join a team of civilian contractors, including himself, Emma DawsonJeff Hartigan and Chad, which was to spend several weeks in the Arctic so that several of their new inventions could be tested in cold-weather environments. With the civilians were the U.S. Marines Shane Schofield, Mother, Billy "the Kid" Thompson and Vittorio "Mario" Puzo.

At the camp, Zack also tested out his AI Armed Bomb Disposal robot, the BRTE-500, or Bertie. Zack assigned himself to be Bertie's primary buddy, and had Schofield made Bertie's secondary buddy.

Zack would usually discuss with the other members of the group about certain things like space-time, the speed of light, and the big bang theory - both the TV show and the universe-creating event. Zack was liked by Schofield, and later Mother when he mentioned to her that one of the devises he was working on he was going to make able to search the internet.

Scarecrow and the Army of ThievesEdit

When the call came about the Army of Thieves on Dragon Island, Zack volunteered to help the Marines fight, along with Emma and Chad. During the course of the battle, Wilhelm Mauser followed the young DARPA scientists and Emma throughout the mission, following Zack's footprints. After the team's attempt to escape failed, Zack and Emma fled with Mother across the southern part of the island until Mother drew the Army's attention to allow them to escape.

The two hid inside another plane, and were forced to listen to their comrades screams as the Lord of Anarchy broadbast the sounds of their torture. Bad Willy soon found them, and Zack and Emma were brought before Calderon. Luckily Schofield (who had been electrocuted but then brought back to life by Bertie) attack the Army, and Zack is saved. When he sees Emma being taken by Bad Willy, Zack goes off on his own to save her.

Zack follows Bad Willy into the underground steam room of the Thieves' base and attacks Mauser, but isbadly beaten down until he release a valve full of TEB gas in the Thieves' face, killing him and saving Emma. Both he and Emma regroup with Schofield, Bertie and Champion. As a nuke fired by the Russians is about to hit, the group escapes to an adjacent islet where Schofield had seen a bomb shelter earlier. The entire team gets inside just as the nuke hits.

Later, Zack, Schofield, Mother, Emma, Champion, and Jean-Claude Francois Michel Huguenot recieve medals for their bravery during the mission. During a celebration meal, Zack and Emma show off Bertie to the President.



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