Yobu Tanaka, also known as Tank, is a member of the Japanese Blood Brotherhood.


Early HistoryEdit

Following the brutal treatment of the Japan after World War II when he was young, Yobu Tanaka became bitter like many other of his people and formed a brotherhood which focus on restoring their honour, even at the cost of their own lives willingly.

At some point, Tanaka met Max "Wizard" Epper, and some time during their occassional collaborations Tanaka was given the nickname Tank.

When Wizard discovered the existence of the Dark Star, which would destroy the world if they did not restore the ancient Machine, Tank saw this as the chance to destroy the world in order to redeem Japan's dishonour. With approval from the rest of the Brotherhood and Japan's government, Tank began researching the Machine with Wizard to seek opporunities to sabotage it.

Before The Six Sacred StonesEdit

Some time after the mission to restore the Golden Capstone in 2006, Tank began working with Wizard again to prepare to combat the Dark Sun. On occassion he and Wizard would visit Jack West Jr. and Lily in Australia. Tank gave the young girl many toys made in Japan, and she noted a sadness within him, and he noted it was due to the Japan's treatment in World War II, and despite Lily's sympathy for him it was not enough to make him change his mind about the Brotherhood.

The Six Sacred StonesEdit

In December 2007, Tank and Wizard located a tomb in the Wu Gorge in China, containing one of the Six Ramesean Stones, the Philosopher's Stone. While observing many of the carvings in the entrance chamber, they discovered that the first Pillar would need to be set 100 days before the Dark Star's return. As the Dark Star was set to return in March 2008, they realised that this meant the Pillar had to be set in a little more than a week. Wizard also realised that there were hostile Chinese forces incoming, and they sent all the data to Jack. Mao Gongli, the leader of the Chinese forces, kidnapped them, deciding that their knowledge would be useful, and sent them both to Xintan Prison.

However, due to the difficulty he had trying to reach the Philiosopher's Stone, Mao decided to arrange to have Tank and Wizard brought back. While being transferred on the Xintan Prison train, Jack and Stretch arrived to rescue them. In the ensuing battle, Tank was freed from his captors and helped to safety by Stretch. After making their way back to the Laozi tomb, Tank was left with Pooh Bear up top in order to have his wounds seen to. Once the others retrieved the Philosopher's Stone, the team headed to Mortimer Island to sort through the recently gathered information.

Tank helped to sort through the data the Killing Stone of the Maya had given them, of the dates by which the Pillars had to be placed, and while the First Pillar was cleansed by the Philosopher's Stone he noted that the stone had always been asscoiated with change. While most of the gathered group went to Abu Simbel to place the Pillar, Tank was left with Julius and Lachlan Adamson to sort through the remaining data. During this, Tank sent a message to the Blood Brotherhood, telling them to stop the Pillar-laying team, and had another group arrive at Mortimer Island to retrieve him. When the Brotherhood forces arrived, Tank decided to take the twins with him.

At their Manor in England, Tank and the rest of the Brotherhood looked over the data and tried to determine a way to stop Jack's team and Wolf's team from being successful in their mutual mission, occassionally asking the twins for help. When Lachlan demanded to know why Tank was doing this, he only replied that destroying the world was the only way for Japan to redeem itself. Though the twins escaped, Tank and his Brotherhood had a plan for their mole inside Wolf's unit, Akira "Switchblade" Isaki to prevent the laying of the Second Pillar. This plan was unsuccessful due to Jack's interference.

The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit

The Japanese Blood Brotherhood, already aware of the existence of a painted egg which showed the entrance to each Vertex that was kept in Genghis Khan's Lost Arsenal, decided to destroy it in order to prevent anyone from using it to assist locating the Vertices. Tank led some men there, and killed many of Wolf's men waiting outside before attacking Wolf's goup, which had just located the egg. After he destroyed the egg, Wizard arrived and tried to reason with Tank, unsuccessfully, who then tried to blow himself up along with Wolf. However Wolf managed to prevent Tank from detonating the bomb properly, and was heavily injured. During the attempt to escape Mao's incoming forces, Jack decided to take Tank with him, believing he had information they might need.

Onboard the Halicarnassus, Tank awoke to realise his failiure, as the images from the egg had been copied onto a shield. Still unwilling to help, he then revealed the the Third Vertex's location was known to his government, and was protected by a Naval fleet to prevent anyone from getting in. However Jack and Wolf's teams were successful in laying the Pillar, getting past all of the Japanese defences.

When Carnivore's men kidnapped Sky Monster and the Halicarnassus, the injured Tank was also captured and taken to Carnivore's lair. While he was shackled to the wall, Carnivore noted Japan's desire to see the world destroyed, and as he would have no purpose helping him because of this, shot Tank in the head without warning, killing him.





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