Yanis is the Neethan Warlock.


Before The Six Sacred StonesEdit

The Neethan Warlock's, among them Yanis, were put in charge of the tribe's treasures and knowledge, including the the secrets of the maze in their settlement, the Delphic Orb and its tubeless telescope mechanism within the settlement, the Second Pillar they pocessed, the Greek language learned during the visit of an ancient explorer, and much more.

The Six Sacred StonesEdit


The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit


Personality Edit

Yanis holds many secrets thanks to his years serving his tribe, particularly ones that revolve around the Machine created by a race of superancient people. His loyalty to his tribe is somehwat questionable, unlike his devotion to the Dark Star, and is willing to take an opportunity to save himself, if only long enough to try to reach his own goals.


  • Yanis, along with the rest of the Neetha tribe suffers from proteus disease, giving him facial deformaties due to diet and inbreeding over the generations.

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