The Xintan Hard Labour Penal Facility is a Chinese prison set in the mountains of the Sichuan Province.


Early HistoryEdit

The Grade 4 Xintan Prison was established as a penal facility for China's political prisoners and maximum security inmates. On occassion, the prisoners are used as a hard labour force to build paths for railway lines through the mountainous region.

Xintan 2's torture wing has been used to "re-educate" the more political and non-conforming, such as student protestors, Tibetan monks and Falun Gong supporters. The actions that take place in the torture chambers there have made the prison notoriously well known for its brutality.

The Six Sacred StonesEdit

When Max Epper and Tank were captured by Mao Gongli, he had them sent to Xintan. During their short time there, they were mainly kept in Xintan Two, where they were tortured brutally. When Mao decided that he was having too much difficulty getting through the trap systems beneath Witch Mountain, he gave orders to have them both brough back to him. 

After Jack West Jr. learned where Epper and Tank were being kept from Paul Robertson and Astro, he decided to liberate them. Upon learning of the pair's transfer, Jack and Stretch used their gull wings to intercept the train as it carried them from Xintan 2 to Xintan 1, hijacking it and driving it out of the prison gates before more guards could be assigned to the train.

During the escape, Xintan dispatched their chase choppers, a Hind gunship and two Kamov Ka50s, to pursue and stop them, led by the prison's captain of the guard. However Jack and Stretch were able to overcome these issues, eventually crashing the train and escaping on the Hind after the rest of their teammates took control of it from their guards.


Xintan 1Edit


Xintan 2Edit

The torture wing of the prison has earned a reputation for its brutality. Members of the Chinese government and military often send prisoners their for interogations and "re-education" brainwashing programs.





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