Wilfred P. Wilmington is the inventor of hover technology.


Before Hover Car RacerEdit

Some time during the 21st century, Wilfred Wilmington created the electromagnetically elevated omni-directional vehicle (though the rest of the world would simply call it the hover car) by virtue of designing and building magneto drives.

Rather than patent or sell the schematics behind the magneto drives (even in spite of a U.S. delegation arranged by the President asking him not to do so) Wilmington gave his technology to the whole world. As magneto drives didn't require petrol/gasoline to run, countries who possessed oil such as Saudi Arabia found themselves out of business with their usual contractors like the United States.

Hover Car RacerEdit

In the decades afterward, Wilmington's genius was renowned the world over, as hover technology became a part of everyday life, with particular usage in hover car racing.



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