Wendy is an Arctic Fur Seal belonging to Kirsty Hensleigh.

History Edit

Before Ice Station Edit

At some point during her stay at Wilkes Ice Station, Kirsty began taking care of the female fur seal, naming her and training her to help divers. Wendy was constantly terrorised by the pod of killer whales that appeared in the diving pool looking for her.

Ice StationEdit

When Shane Schofield and his Marines were securing Wilkes, Wendy was with Kirsty, Sarah and Latissier in the drilling room before they were brought up to the dining room. When Schofield was talking to Sarah, he petted Wendy and asked questions about her, to Kirsty's delight and Sarah's surprise, and the fur seal enjoyed his attention.

When the Marines and French Paratroops were under seige from the killer whales in the diving pool, Kirsty told Wendy to "help the diver". The fur seal dove down from C-deck, and began swimming circles around the larger mammals, distracting them as Schofield made his way to the deck. Wendy then jumped onto the surface and lopped away quickly before a pursuing whale could get her, instead it grabbed an unfortunate paratrooper.

In the aftermath, Wendy joined Kirsty in the shower room, enjoying sliding through the steam.

A while later, Gant's dive team was surprised by the appearance of Wendy as they were approaching the surface of the cavern below Wilkes, and asked Schofield to let Kirsty know where she was.

Wendy eventually resurfaced in Wilkes after the battle with the SAS regiment, and soon began dozing on the deck. When he realised they needed to quickly dive into the cavern, Schofield remembered what Gant had said about Wendy, and asked Kirsty how long she could hold her breath. When Kirsty told him, Schofield realised that even swimming twice as fast as a person she would never make it, leading him to realise there was a shortcut to the cavern.

Kirsty put Wendy on a leash as the group prepared to dive, and when they spotted the small tunnel Wendy led them through to the other side. However they came under attack from a group of mutated elephant seals that lived inside the cavern, and Wendy speedily pulled Kirsty to the surface, avoiding her much larger cousins with ease. When Kirsty was on the surface, Wendy dove down again to help Schofield, helping him move fast enough to avoid the ice forming from the nitrogen charge he had used to kill the bull.

Wendy accompanied the survivors as they boarded the Silhouette and escaped to the USS Wasp, where she took a liking to the ship's diving pool during the journey to Pearl Harbour. Kirsty told Schofield that Walsh would allow Wendy to stay onboard until they could find a new place for her to live.


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