Wasim Nasiruzzin is an Indian soldier, and a Champion in the Fourth Great Games of the Hydra.


Early HistoryEdit

Lieutenant Wasim Nasiruzzin of India's MARCOS special forces unit had apparently built up a reputation as a great soldier, and because of this he was selected by the King of the Underworld, Anthony DeSaxe, to be one of his four representing Champions during the Great Games of the Hydra.

It is unknown if Nasiruzzin was unaware of this decision or even of the existence of the Games; either way, a short time before the Games were set to commence, he was taken to the Underworld, along with a few of his friends/family who were to be his hostages, and had an explosive device implanted in his neck.

The Four Legendary KingdomsEdit

Nasiruzzin, like the other participants in the Games, awoke in a strange cell to find himself confronted by a strange man in a bull-shaped helmet. Unfortunately, regardless of whether or not he had been prepared for the Great Games, Nasiruzzin perished at the hands of his Minotaur opponent, which then took his place as a Champion.



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