Warren Shusett is one of the members of Majestic-12.


Before ScarecrowEdit

Warren Shusett was presumably born to a wealthy family, and as he grew up he made several successful investments that made Shusett an extremely rich man. At some point, Shusett was invited to join Majestic-12, a group of twelve of some of the richest men in the world.

When Majestic-12 decided to enhance their overall fortunes, they began planning to initiate a new Cold War, which their individuals businesses (or in Shusett's case wise investment deals) would benefit from and improve their wealth. Through Jonathon Killian's Axon Corp contracts with the U.S. military, they discovered a pair of top secret American projects known as Kormoran and Chameleon, which involved disguised battle tankers and clone missiles respectively. By taking over both these projects, M-12 could make several western countries believe they had been hit by terrorist missiles.

In the course of their planning, M-12 discovered that a few individuals could upset their plans due to certain skills or knowledge that they possessed, and so they decided to start a bounty hunt to keep them from doing so. It was soon decided that Killian's Forteresse de Valois castle would be used as the verification point where the heads of the targets would be brought for assessing by Monsieur Delacroix, whom M-12 had worked with in the past.

Among the fifteen targets was Shane Schofield, a U.S. Marine with a reputation for succeeding against the odds. Unsettled by this, Shusett and M-12 decided that they would arrange a sham mission as an ambush to increase the chances of him being eliminated.


Shortly after the hunt began, Shusett and the other members of Majestic-12 engaged in a telconference to discuss the current happenings of their plan.

Ultimately, however, Schofield managed to disarm the Chameleon missiles and arranged for the U.S. government to bring down the Kormoran tankers, foiling Majestic-12's plan.

Soon afterwards, Shusett went to his country mansion, however, having been targeted for assasination by the U.S. government because of M-12's plan, Shusett was killed. In the aftermath of his murder, Shusett's heir inherrited his wealth.



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