Warblers are anti-gunfire devices invented by Max Epper.


Before Seven Ancient WondersEdit

Epper sold them to the U.S. military, but, thinking they knew better, the Americans attempted to rework the Warblers, prolonging their use. Being their inventor, Epper kept several prototypes for himself.

Seven Ancient WondersEdit

When the team were attempting to reach the Colossus of Rhodes head in the Sudan mine, they used Warblers to deflect the bullets fired by their European competitors.

They later used them again to protect themselves against the CIEF in Hamilcar's Refuge.

The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit

Jack West Jr. and Zoe Kissane kept Warblers in their packs during their attempt to get them and the CIEF force into the Third Vertex past the Japanese defenders.

Jack still had one in his pocket when Cieran Kincaid was set to execute him and the rest of his team in the Dead Sea, and switched it on to deflect Kincaid's gunfire.

On his way to the Sixth Vertex, Jack rigged up the Halicarnassus with several Warblers, which when powered by the plane created a huge magnetic field around the plane. This allowed him to fly the plane in towards Easter Island without having to worry about the anti-aircraft fire from the Chinese.


Warblers emit a magnetic field that deflect all supersonic metallic flying objects within its range, namely bullets. However weapons such as RPGs are too heavy for the magnetic field to deflect. They also disrupt radio signals when active, and also deflect the bullets of the people using the Warblers, forcing them to use rubber bullets. They are roughly the same size as a grenade.



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