Vladimir Romanov, referred to as Carnivore, or by his false name Vladimir Karnov, is a Russian royal.


Early HistoryEdit


The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit


The Four Legendary KingdomsEdit

After his death, Iolanthe's brother, Orlando, replaced Carnivore as the King of Land.


The Carnivore is an intelligent and horrifying foe. The fact that he takes the pain from his jaw injury in his stride shows just how resiliant and gruesome he allows himself to be. And being that he collects human beings and stores them in tanks, he is clearly one without mercy. He commands and expects loyalty from his relatives in the quest to restore the Machine, but only has his own selfish interests at his black heart.


  • Carnivore (having a disfigurement or odd feature like some of Reilly's other villains) has a steel jaw implant on his left side, which was incorrectly placed and causes him great pain (though he takes it as a test of fortitude). What happened to him is never mentioned.

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