Vilnar is a wise field troll.


Before Troll MountainEdit

Vilnar once lived in the northern lands on the plains, and at some point met the human hermit Ko. When the Troll King defeated a tribe of field trolls in the north and destroyed their lands, he decided to keep Vilnar as a prisoner due to his experience in potions. He was taken to Troll Mountain and confined to an old guardroom in the Supreme Watchtower at the summit.

When an apparent disease broke out among humans and trolls alike, Vilnar was tasked with creating an elixir to counter it. However, Vilnar discovered the disease was in fact the result of a lack of certain nutrients in a sufferer. Knowing the simplist way to deal with it, he mixed together fruits containing the right nutrients and claimed it to be a cure. He kept the knowledge of the elixir's secret from the other trolls for fear that they would kill him since making it was simple enough for them to do themselves.

Troll Mountain (Episode I)Edit

When Düm informed Ko of Vilnar's imprisonment, he decided to continue accompanying Raf so that he could try to help free the old troll.

Troll Mountain (Episode II)Edit

Once Raf had scaled Troll Mountain, he entered Vilnar's room and found the old troll sleeping. Before he could steal some of the elixir, Vilnar woke, and saw that the human had set of an alarm system that prevented him from even going outside. Even with guards on the way, Raf asked Vilnar to go with him, having come with Ko to rescue him. However the field troll knew there was no time, and instead told Raf the truth about the disease and elixir right before Raf was captured.

Troll Mountain (Episode III)Edit


Personality Edit

Vilnar is an intelligent and wise troll, and is well-known for his experiments with potions and salves. His speech is more eloquent than most trolls. Like many field trolls, he is smaller than the other trolls on Troll Mountain. He has reedy arms and thin knock knees. His nose is long and beaky, with several warts. He has a long white beard on his chin and wild bushy eyebrows.


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