The six Vertices are ancient undergrouond locations built by a race of superancient people, in which the six matching Pillars must be placed to set the Machine.


The six Vertices are massive underground Temple-Shrines, each connecting to a corner of the Machine. Each Vertex is individual, a unique testament to the Machine. The centrepiece of each Vertex is an inverted pyramid made of a bronze-like metal which has magnetic properties, suspended above a deep abyss.

The Pillars must be placed in the Vertices during a Titanic Rising, a celestial event which occurs when Saturn's moon, Titan, rises and falls behind Saturn. The locations of the Vertices were revealed at Stonehenge, using the altar stone and the Firestone. The entrances to the Temple-Shrines were engraved on the walls of Genghis Khan's tomb.


The First Vertex - The Great Viewing Hall Edit

The First Vertex is located beneath Lake Nasser in Southern Egypt near Abu Simbel. Jack West Jr located the entrance to the Temple-Shrine using the eyelines of two of the statues at Abu Simbel.

There is a set of traps on the entrance stairway's landings, containing holes which are intended to release a liquid onto anyone who does not pocess the Pillar. The Vertex is a vast hall built off the main abyss, allowing people to gaze out from where the hall meets the abyss, onto the inverted pyramid. The pyramid is reached by a bridge which rises from the abyss when a lock is triggered using the First Pillar. 

The First Pillar was placed on 10 December 2007.

The Second Vertex - The City of Bridges Edit

The Second Vertex lies beneath Table Mountain, at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. It was located by Lachlan and Julius Adamson before they were captured by the Japanese Blood Brotherhood. Also, the Neetha Warlock claimed to have seen the Second Vertex, and he took Wolf's forces to it.

The Vertex is a replica of the Mesopotamian city of Ur, or rather Ur is a replica of the much older Vertex. The 'City' is a network of towers connected by bridges which use Aristotle's Riddles to determine the correct path through them. To reach the inverted pyramid, suspended above another abyss off the main cavern, one would have had to get to the ziggurat at the centre of the city, through the traps in the towers, then climb a thin ladder to the roof, and swing along handrungs which ran to the pyramid and down to its apex.

The Second Pillar was placed on 17 December 2007.

The Third Vertex - The Fire Maze Edit

The Third Vertex is located beneath Hokkaido Island in Japan. It's location was known to the people of Japan since around the time of Genghis Khan's encounter with their Emperor, and became one of their most sacred shrines.

Surrounding the Vertex is a maze suspended over a lake of molten magma stretching all the way to the entrance, and the creators of the Machine built bridges out of an unknown stone that doesn't melt into the magma. These birdges are set in rows of three with only one safe bridge extending to the cavern containing the Pillar, and the safe route was transcibed onto the plaque describing each Vertex. The Vertex itself can only be reached by a river of lava from a kind of dock using boats made out of the same unmelting stone, and whoever places the Pillar is expected to fall off the end of the bridge and into the abyss. The Third Pillar was hidden within a trap system created by the Japanese, which was in turn within the Third Vertex.

The Thrid Pillar was placed on 11 March 2008.

The Fourth Vertex - The City of Waterfalls Edit

The Fourth Vertex is located beneath Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel, England. The location of the Vertex was hinted at by Julius and Lachlan's isosolese triangle they used to connect the Great Pyramid with Stonehenge and the hills their stones were brought from, with third corner of the triangle touching the island on their map.

The 'City' is a set of ledges within the Vertex's cavern, and there is a viewing platform on a side wall to the entrance. The people on the platform must guide their allies through the maze of ledges, using the transcribed safe route from the plaque describing each Vertex. This forces the Pillar setters to beat the rushing water entering the cavern at the time of the Titanic Rising.

The Fourth and Fifh Pillars were placed simultaneously on 18 March 2008.

The Fifth Vertex - The Realm of the Sealords Edit

The Fifth Vertex is located beneath the island of Diego Garcia, in the Indian Ocean. This vertex was under the control of the U.S. for years, during whic they made several attempts to reach the inverted pyramid's peak, only to be kept back by the trap system's awareness that they did not posses the Pillar.

There is a set of paths through which the Pillar setter must have the Pillar itself to reach the bottom safely. If the master trap is set off, a wave of water enters circular shape cavern and runs around it, picking up the intruder and washing them into the abyss below the inverted pyramid. 

The Fourth and Fifth Pillars were placed simultaneously on 18 March 2008.

The Sixth Vertex - The Greatest Shrine of All Edit

The final Vertex is located beneath Ahu Vai Mata, the North-Western corner of Easter Island.

The cavern is shaped like a funnel, and there is are spikes lined around it which hides the safe route, which is transcibed onto the plaque describing each vertex. At the bottom of the 'funnel' is the abyss and an outlying ledge which leds to the inverted pyramid, and contains a battlement at the edge of the spiked zone. Once the Pillar is placed, the incantation etched into the Twin Tablets of Thuthmosis must be spoken aloud to activate the Machine. 

The Sixth and final Pillar was placed on 20 March 2008, not during a Titanic Rising as the others, but during the Dual Equinox, when both the Sun and the Dark Sun were shining on the Vertex.


  • It was implied by Wolf, though it has not been confirmed, that the pyramid of the Sixth Vertex was used by the Japanese Blood Brotherhood to perform a ceremony to counteract the effects of the Tartarus Sunspot.
    • However, this may not be the case as the second 'capstone' fired a beam of light into the sky, not into the abyss, and the Brotherhood would likely have not have been able to make it through the trap system.
    • In addition, Wolf's statement makes it seem like the inverted pyramid beneath the island is common knowledge; if this were the case, Jack's team might have figured out its location sooner.
  • It is unknown if the trap systems are still in effect following the completion of the Machine's restoration.