Veronique Champion, also known as Renard, is a French Directorate-General of External Security (DGSE) assassin who initially targets Shane Schofield, but later becomes his ally and second love-interest.


Early HistoryEdit

During her childhood, Veronique often spent time with her cousin Luc.

In her adult life, Champion became a field agent for the DGSE, working with local assets in the Middle East. One of her agents, Hannah Fatah, apparently discovered a plot against French interests, and asked to be brought in to protect her family and unborn child. Once inside DGSE headquarters, Hannah detonated a bomb surgically implanted in her uterus with a false fetus designed to fool the metal detectors. The explosion killed several high-ranking DGSE members, including Champion's husband.

Champion blamed herself for failing to realise that Hannah had being using her to gain access to the DGSE, and used her anger to focus her as she became an assassin, becoming known as Renard. During this time, she killed thirteen people, and got tally marks tattoos on her wrist to indicate her number of kills.

While the French government declared Shane Schofield an enemy of France for his acts against them, Champion asked to personally follow up on his bounty, believing he may have been responsible for Luc's death during the Wilkes Ice Station incident.

Scarecrow and the Army of ThievesEdit

Champion and her unit stalked Schofield while he was in the Arctic, attempting to track him whilst in a submarine beneath the ice. When they eventually tracked him to an open lead in the ice, she prepared her team for an assault. However they had barely surfaced when they themselves are attacked by the Army of Thieves. Schofield rescues Champion and two of her surviving men, Jean-Claude Francois Michel Huguenot / Baba, and Sergeant Dubois, in the hopes of having their help fighting the Army. Upon learning Schofield was not responsible for Luc's death, Champion agrees, but says that once they are finished she will try and assassinate him anyway.

Champion is seriously wounded helping to disarm the facility's red uranium supply, and she and Scofield are separated from the rest of the team. Champion and Schofield begin to trust one another and bond over the loss of their loved ones. 

Champion remains in a whaling village, and gives an AI-enhanced bomb disposal robot (Bertie) equipment to help him fight back against the Army. When the Army's threat is extinguished, a Russian nuclear missile is launched at Dragon Island, and Schofield rescues Champion and gets her to a hidden nuclear bunker just before the missile hits.

For his actions in saving French lives during the incident, Champion sucessfully appeals to the French government to rescind the bounty on his head. She and Schofield begin a relationship shortly afterwards, and Schofield learns that her callsign - Renard - is French for "Fox", the call-sign of his last girlfriend.

Personality Edit

Following the death of her husband due to her failiure to see she was being tricked, she became cold and distant from everyone else.


Veronique's HusbandEdit


Shane "Scarecrow" SchofieldEdit




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