V.J. Weatherly, also known as Witch Doctor or Fuzzy, is a member of the Jamaican military.


Before Seven Ancient WondersEdit

Through unknown circumstances, V.J. Weatherly joined the Jamaican Army, becoming an expert in communications, and eventually was given the official call-sign of Witch Doctor.

In 1996, Witch Doctor was among Jamaica's representatives in a meeting of small nations to discuss uniting to restore the Golden Capstone. For Jamaica's representation in the mission, he was assigned to help guard Lily until she was old enough to begin translating the clues leading to the ancient Capstone.

At the team's base in Kenya, Witch Doctor would play with Lily, and when showing her how to be stealthy, they terrorised Dorris Epper by sneaking up on her. Over time, Lily gave him the nickname Fuzzy, due to his dreadlocks.

Seven Ancient WondersEdit


Between Seven Ancient Wonders and The Six Sacred StonesEdit


The Six Sacred StonesEdit

At some unknown point, Fuzzy was captured by Jack West Sr. and killed. His severed head was sent to the other team members in Dubai in a box as a message.


  • Fuzzy's expertise is in communications.

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