Uli Pieck is an undercover agent with the BKA.


Before TempleEdit

At some point after the BKA discovered the existence of the Stormtroopers, a terrorist organisation which was comprised and led by some former Nazis, they had Uli Pieck infiltrate their ranks under the alias Uli Kahr.

Uli provided his agency with much intel regarding the Stormtroopers, incuding their leaders and their goal to create and detonate a Supernova weapon once they got the Thyrium necessary to make it function.

After the Stormtroopers massacred the monks of a holy abbey in France in their aquisition of a manuscript which detailed the location of an Incan Idol comprised of Thyrium, Uli reported the incident and provided a digital copy of the manuscript to the BKA, so that they could use it to send their own team in to retrieve the idol before the Stormtroopers did.





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