A Type-240 Plasma Warhead is a weapon that is capable of detonating with extreme destructive force.

Fictional HistoryEdit

Before Area 7Edit

At an unknown time either before or after the President was inaugurated, Charles "Caesar" Russell arranged for fifteen Type-240 warheads to be placed at several major civilian airports in major cities in America's northern states. These warheads were programmed to detonate should a satellite recieving a signal from a device on the President's heart stop transmitting.

Shortly before Caesar's coup was set to begin, several of the warheads were discovered to have been armed, but could not be approached due to security measures Casaer had set in place.

Area 7Edit

During the broadcast to issue his challenge to the President, Caesar revealed the locations of the warheads to the President, and how his own beating heart would keep them from detonating.

Ultimately, Caesar's coup failed, and once the satellite transmitting to the warheads was destroyed, the warheads were disarmed by military forces and relocated.





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