Troy Copeland is a Physicist in the Special Projects Division of the U.S. Army, as well as a member of the Texans.


Before TempleEdit

At some point, Troy Copeland joined the U.S. Army's Special Projects Division, and soon after became a member of the Republican Army of Texas militia group, where he met Earl Bittiker.

Because the Army would be the most likely armed force to be shut down in 2010, Colonel Frank Nash recruited Copeland into the Army's illicit Supernova project, which the Navy had been authorised to construct with DARPA. His associate Lauren O'Connor seduced an engineer on the official project, Marty Race, but behind his back he and Lauren had an affair.

What no one knew, was that Copeland was feeding what the project team's research and what Lauren told him about the Supernova to the Texans, who had recently merged with a former rival group, the Freedom Fighters. They planned to create their own Supernova and detonate it, simply for the purpose of using it.

Eventually the Army had a workable Supernova shell, and Nash's team then set to work locating a source of Thyrium-261, which was a necessary component in the superbomb. Eventually rumours of of an Incan idol supposedly carved from Thyrium came to their knowledge, and they quickly arranged a mission and a team to locate it in Peru before the Navy's project leader, Julius Romano, could, Copeland being among the team members set to go.





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