The Troll King is a mountain troll.


Before Troll MountainEdit

As a young troll from a high-born family, the King was a famous fighter who loved to challenge other trolls on the fighting platform. Due to his prowess, he became the previous king’s champion and fought anyone who challenged the king. After several years of undefeated battle he eventually challenged the king himself and took over the tribe. He married a strong she-troll from the previous king’s family and had a number of enormous sons who became princes.

The King has made sure that his sons are among his tribe’s strongest fighters and has also ensured that none of his champions gain as much power as he did against the previous king. Most of the tribe’s strongest fighters have met with untimely deaths and several have simply disappeared.

The Troll King is also fond of fighting other troll tribes and used to attack the field trolls in the north every few years for extra sport. Unfortunately the last attack he mounted destroyed the entire field troll society and there is no one left to fight. Although in the past he had put to death many wise trolls from his own tribe who disagreed with him, when he encountered the highly intelligent potion master Vilnar he captured him and brought him back to Troll Mountain to work for him.

While he inherited Troll Mountain and the dam structure, he increased the human tributes by regularly cutting off the river supply. When the disease struck, the Troll King used it to his advantage to tax the humans for more food and sacrifices in return for the elixir Vilnar created.

Troll Mountain (Episode I)Edit


Troll Mountain (Episode II)Edit


Troll Mountain (Episode III)Edit


Personality Edit

The Troll King is considerably more intelligent that the rest of his species, particularly when it comes to making arrangements with the human population. The Troll King is not as strong as he used to be, partly because of his increased consumption of mead and marrow. He spends his days watching fights, eating and drinking. While he is proud of his prince son Turv, he is keen to keep control of his kingdom for as long as possible.


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