The Tomb of Alexander the Great is the final resting place for Alexander. It house the topmost piece of the Golden Capstone and is located inside the city of Luxor.

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Early HistoryEdit

After Alexander the Great died, he was buried in a tomb his long-time ally Ptolemy I had commissioned near Luxor. Because he had arranged for the seven component Pieces of the Golden Capstone to be hidden with or near the constructs that would become known as the seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Alexander's tomb would also come to serve as the hiding place for the Great Pyramid of Giza Piece, the top-most Piece of the Capstone.

After Alexander and the Sa-benben were sealed in his glass coffin, Ptolemy's workers laid traps through to the entrance, which was designed to be well hidden and only revealed on the day of the Tartarus sunspot event, wherein the sun's rays would shine through two nearby obelisks.

Some years later, when the Cult of Amun Ra became the Catholic Church, they constructed a Basilica in honour of Alexander's tomb, utilising the exact same measurements that Ptolemy's builders had used in designing the tomb.

Seven Ancient WondersEdit

On the morning of the Tartarus Rotation, the sun's rays shone through the two obelisks and revealed where Alexander's tomb was located, and soon Marshall Judah, a few of his CIEF troops, Hans Koenig, Francisco del Piero and Max Epper entered the tomb.

After encountering some traps through the entrance hall (costing one CIEF soldier his head because of a hidden blade), the group located Alexander's coffin. Through the glass, they could see that Alexander's body had long since turned to dust.

When Judah noted the interior of the main chamber looked familiar, Koenig scanned the tomb with a rangefinder. After Koenig noted the first measurement, an amused Epper revealed the measurements were the same as St Peter's Basilica, and del Piero was nervous as Judah looked at the Catholic priest.

When they arrived at Alexander's coffin, del Piero pleaded for Judah's men to be careful with it, but was ignored as they shoved the lid aside. With no other obstacles in his way, Judah claimed the Sa-Benben Piece and led his people away.


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  • During The Five Greatest Warriors, Jack erroneously notes that he had once been in Alexander's tomb.
    • However, Jack may have gone to visit the tomb in the months after the Tartarus Rotation during his own mission to recover some of the artefacts that the team had encountered during the mission.