Timbuk is a member of the Northmen tribe.


Before Troll MountainEdit

Timbuk was born to a poor family who live on the tribe’s fringe. His mother gathers berries and his father farms a small plot of land, giving most of his harvest to the ruling clan. He also has an older sister.

A few years ago, Timbuk approached the ruling family and asked how he could be trained to be a warrior. The tribal chief's son Bader, who is only a year older than Timbuk, responded as a joke that he could clean their weapons for them. Timbuk took the task on with great pride and soon the warriors began asking Timbuk to look after their axes and run errands for them. Timbuk believes that one day soon they will show him how to be a warrior.

Troll Mountain (Episode I)Edit

When the disease struck the Northmen tribe, the chief's daughter Lilibala was amongst the ill. With Bader set to go and demand the elixir from the trolls, Timbuk excitedly helped Bader to prepare by getting his shield for him. When Raf asked what was going on, Timbuk explained the chief's plan, praising his actions. Though Raf scoffed at the chief's lack of action with the disease until his own daughter was taken ill, Timbuk insisted that Bader would save them.

However after more than two weeks went by without any word or sign of Bader's group, it appeared that his journey had been ill-fated and that he would never return.

Troll Mountain (Episode III)Edit

After some time, Bader did return, alone, with the elixir in hand. During the village's celebrations, Timbuk eagerly served the ruling clan food and drink. However Raf, who had also gone to Troll Mountain, appeared and attempted to tell the village of Bader's lies, but no one believed him, Timbuk included. Just then, the Troll-Prince Turv burst into the village, demanding the one who had destroyed his home and people. Timbuk fearfully pointed out Bader, believing that he would fight the troll, however Turv revealed that Raf was his target, and that his claims against Bader were true.

Once Raf had defeated Turv, Timbuk and the rest of the village realised the whole ruling family were cowards and liars. With his faith in them broken, Timbuk decided to leave the village and start anew under Raf's leadership.

Personality Edit

Timbuk hates farming, but is wide-eyed and eager to please his elders. He has seen the warriors in their fine clothes walking around the tribe receiving people’s thanks and gifts for protecting them from trolls and wolves. He hopes to one day become one of the tribe's greatest warriors, even though the ruling clan sees him as nothing more than their erand boy.



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