The Zulu is a bounty hunter.


Before ScarecrowEdit

Through unknown circumstances, the man known only as the Zulu became a bounty hunter.


When word of a bounty hunt for fifteen poeple to be killed went out, the Zulu decided to participate for the huge sum being offered. He chose to go after Dr Francis Nicholson in Florida first, pretending he was visiting someone else to escape suspicion of the retirement home workers. He cut off Nicholson's head off while he slept, and proceeded to take the head to the castle in France to collect the bounty.

After collecting, he then went to Washington to collect the reward for Dr Thompson Oliphant, a former USAMRMC scientist on the bounty list. When he arrives, he is unaware that David Fairfax, standing right next to him, is also looking for Oliphant. When Oliphant appears, he openly pulls out his gun, only for Fairfax to hit him and make him miss, before throwing a bag of cleaning chloride at the Zulu's head, causing him great pain.

As Fairfax and Oliphant attempt to escape in an ambulance, the Zulu gets into the ambulance and attacks as they drive up a parking lot ramp. When they reach the top, Fairfax drives it partially over the safety fence, throwing everyone off balance. The Zulu continued to try and get at Oliphant, only for Fairfax to release the ambulance gurney that the Zulu was holding on to, causing him to fall to the ground beneath the teetering vehicle. Though he actually managed to survive the fall, the gurney landed on the Zulu's head, killing him.