The Three Secret Cities is Matthew Reilly's fourteenth novel, and the fifth story to feature Jack West Jr as the main protagonist. It serves as the sequel to The Four Legendary Kingdoms.


A shadow world behind the real world

When Jack West Jr won the Great Games, he threw the Four Legendary Kingdoms into turmoil.

A world with its own history, rules and prisons

Now these dark forces are coming after Jack... ruthless fashion.

That is reaching into our world... explosively

With the end of all things rapidly approaching, Jack must find the Three Sacred Cities, three incredible lost cities of legend.

It's an impossible task by any reckoning, but Jack must do it while being hunted... by the greatest hunters in history.




Note: As at this time, these characters are confirmed to be returning.

Note: As at this time, these characters are not yet confirmed, but will most likely be returning.

Huntsman SeriesEdit


Confirmed Plot PointsEdit

Reilly has previously stated that he may indeed write further stories involving Jack West Jr down to "the one something something". The events that take place during The Four Legendary Kingdoms confirm that are still two more great trials to come, with three of the five trials (the Tartarus Rotation, the Return of the Dark Sun, and the Diverting of the Hydra Galaxy) having been completed by the novels' end. 

Confirmed focus points of the future of the Huntsman series are; the Trismagi and the three secret cities (which will appear during this novel), the Omega Event, and a note regarding "unusual trees". Presumably, the underwater gateway that Zoe and the Adamson twins were investigating during The Four Legendary Kingdoms will play a role.

Jack's team, allied with Anthony DeSaxe and Iolanthe Compton-Jones, will be seeking the Trismagi and the three sacred cities, each of which contains a vault with information that can help them in the remaining trials. With Cardinal Mendoza's expertise on the 'Trismagi' (from 'Tris' meaning three, and 'magi', meaning magicians), the men who guard each city, it is almost certain that Mendoza and Orlando Compton-Jones will be among the adversaries encountered during this novel. Two other elements briefly mentioned by Mendoza during The Four Legendary Kingdoms, two sacred trees and a Life Stone, could be built upon during the novel.

The short story, Jack West Jr and the Hero's Helmet, also contains unanswered elements that may contribute to the future of the Huntsman series; the Knife of Osiris, which was referred to as a keyblade by an assassin working for an unknown master. Considering that Jack is set to be targeted by some of the greatest hunters in history, the unnamed assassin could potentially appear.

Within a Facebook post regarding the film rights to The Great Zoo of China, Reilly commented that he doesn't feel that Temple allows for the opportunity to have a sequel, but suggested that William Race could one day appear in a Jack West story. 


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