The Skorpions is a team of rogue Spetsnaz soldiers.


Before ScarecrowEdit

The Skorpions betrayed their armed forces to work for themselves.


The Skorpions interupted an Allied invasion of an Al-Qaeda mine and killed William Ashcroft from the list. They then attempted to collect Shane Schofield's head too, only for the Black Knight to arrive and hold them all at gunpoint while they all escaped. However, in the pursuing chase out of the mine, several members of the Skorpions were killed while trying to pursue Schofield and Knight.

The Skorpions later took Ashcroft's head to the Forteresse de Valois to collect the bounty, only to notice Schofield and Elizabeth Gant getting ready to flee. Some members joined Executive Solutions mercenaries in pursuing them, using their own MI-34 choppers. However, one was destroyed when Knight clipped a dead fallen sniper to his car and drove it into a tunnel, while the other was accidentally destroyed by a shell fired from a nearby French warship.

When Schofield's team was attempting to disarm a Chameleon Missile on a disguised ship, the last three Skorpions, including Zamanov, arrived and engaged Schofield's team, but were hindered by members of IG-88. They snuck up on Simon Zemir and decaptitated him, but some waiting IG-88 men killed Zamanov's last two men, forcing him to hide in a submersible. When he confronted Schofield in a submersible, Zamanov too was killed.

Known MembersEdit

Goals Edit

The Skorpions prefer to work for themselves, aquiring bounty rewards and anything else that will get them money. At the very least Zamanov has gone AWOL before, and for some unknown purpose returned to duty. The Skorpions' only known goal was to obtain some of the bounties that Majestic-12 set up.

Equipment Edit

  • Mi-34 helicopters
  • VZ-61 Skorpion machine pistols


  • They are named for their use of VZ-61 Skorpion machine pistols.

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