The Rachind is a stick insect -like alien who is one of seven contestants in the seventh Presidian.


Before ContestEdit

Since the first Presidian began, the Rachnid's species were considered intelligent enough by the presiding race to be allowed to participate. When it came time for the Seventh Presidian, the one that would simply be called the Rachnid (despite that being its species' name) was chosen, and teleported to the labyrinth on Earth with its guide.


The Rachnid spent most of the begining of the Presidian preparing a trap for a contestant should it pass by, which led it to being the fourth contestant left.

Eventually, Bellos drew close by when the Malonian was about to kill Holly Swain and Selexin, and the Rachnid quietly descended and attacked. While Rachnid fought Bellos, Holly and Selexin fled and upon looking back witnessed the Rachnid's death at the hands of Bellos and his Hoodaya.


Rachnids are an alien described as resembling a stick insect. They are trap-layers, waiting on the ceiling of caves before they jump down to strangle its prey with its eight strong, spider-like legs.