The Konda is an insectoid alien who is a contestant in the seventh Presidian.


Before ContestEdit

Since the first Presidian began, the Konda's species were considered intelligent enough by the presiding race to be allowed to participate. When it came time for the Seventh Presidian, the one that would simply be called the Konda (despite that being its species' name) was chosen, and teleported to the labyrinth on Earth with its guide.


The Konda was teleported into the New York Public Library with the rest of the contestants and faced another contestant, Bellos. Bellos, however cheats and uses an alien known as the Hoodaya to attack and kill the Konda before Bellos takes credit for it and presents the bodies to the viewers of the Presidian.


The Konda are an insectoid racer, armed with claws that contain a powerful toxin. It cannot breathe Earth's oxygen, as it is toxic to Konda, and so uses a breathing mask.