The Karanadon is a species of alien life that appears in the seventh Presidian in Contest.


It is described as having enormously powerful arms and a jackal-like head and ears.


Before ContestEdit

During the six preceeding Presidia, a Karanadon has been utilised as an addition agent. One will be teleported into the labrynth a day before the Presidian begins, and kept asleep by a device inserted into it's layrnx, which distributes a sleeping drug. Another device monitors the Karanadon's respiration rate, which alerts contestants as to whether or not it is awake.

In a previous Presidian, the Karanadon awakened and eliminated the remaining contestants. Only one has been killed in the wild, by Bellos and his "hoods".


The Karanadon was teleported into the New York State Library a day before the seventh Presidian began, and was left to sleep. However when Mike Fraser was pursued by Terry Ryan, they came across its resting place and accidentally awakened it. Ryan was brutally mascared while Fraser was left traumatised by the incident. Swain kills the Karanadon in an explosion during his escape from the Library.


  • Reilly published his first 1000 copies of Contest under the publishing guise of 'Karanadon Entertainment.'

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