The Great Games of the Hydra are a series of challenges which 16 Champions compete in on the behalf of the Four Legendary Kingdoms.

The Great Games are a precursor ritual for the Third Trial set by the Super-Ancients, the Diverting of the Hydra Galaxy.


Early HistoryEdit

The Great Games have been held since the Four Legendary Kingdoms were founded.

In the Third Great Games, Hercules managed to win every single Challenge, becoming the only Champion to do so. Because of this, his name went down in legend, although the stories that eventually became myths stated that the Challenges that Hercules endured were in fact Labours that had been set for him to achieve, and each Labour was based off of the Challenges.

The Four Legendary KingdomsEdit

They are a series of challenges, or tasks, which pits 16 champions against each other, four from each kingdom.

Challenges Edit

The water pit.

Trivia Edit

  • Each of the Challenges in the Great Games are based in some way upon the Twelves Labours of Hercules.