The Four Legendary Kingdoms are the long-lasting kingdoms of royalty that have existed in secret since the earliest ages of mankind.

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The formation of the Four Legendary Kingdoms is largely unknown, however they have existed in secret for several thousand years. Each of the original Kings were given territories befitting their title, though these territories have expanded greatly over the centuries, so much that the Kingdom of Land runs much of the planet's continents, while the King of Sea, though possessing the largest territory, has less land but more ocean under his control.

Either occurring shortly after their formation, or more likely being the cause of their forming, the super-ancient beings who once existed on Earth revealed great knowledge of the world and the universe, and the Kings of the Four Kingdoms were entrusted to keep this information.

Among the things learned by the Four Kingdoms, was the coming of five trials, which when they occurred in later years would determine for the super-ancient beings if intelligent life on their homeworld still existed and if they were worthy to. The Four Kingdoms vowed to maintain the necessary knowledge for completing the trials so that their descendants would be considered worthy, and be able to overcome the greatest trial of all; the Omega Event.

However, even as information and components relating to the first two trials, the Tartarus Rotation and the Return of the Dark Sun, were largely lost over the years, the Four Kingdoms maintained the necessary knowledge for the third trial, the Diverting of the Hydra Galaxy. As the third trial was the completion of a series of challenges to activate a signal to alert the super-ancients that intelligent life existed on Earth, the Four Kingdoms began practicing the challenges, which they would come to call the Great Games of the Hydra. They would hold three Great Games in the earlier centuries of their rule, which would counteract mere passing-bys of the Hydra Galaxy, and the Four Kingdoms would ensure that the champion of the Games would have his name go down in history.

Even though the world never knew of their existence (though few people, such as Mabel Merriweather, would hear rumours and suspect their existence), the Four Kingdoms each had control over the governments of the nations they ruled. The "billionaires club" Majestic-12, formed within the last few centuries, comprised of several of the richest men in the world, though they were in fact subserviant to the Four Kingdoms.

Before The Four Legendary KingdomsEdit

During the late 20th century and early 21st century, the Kingdom of Land used its agents in the Catholic Church to undergo a mission led by Father Francisco del Piero to restore the Golden Capstone for the first trial of the Tartarus sunspot. However, since there could be a reward for the nation that completed the trial, 1000 years of absolute power, the Kingdom of Sea used their influence in the Commander-in-Chief's In Extremis Force to oppose them for that power. The leader of the Americans' mission, Colonel Marshall Judah, was reporting directly to the President on the situation, so he may have been unaware of who the true masterminds of the mission were.

During this same period, the Kingdom of Land, led by King Vladimir "Carnivore" Romanov, attempted to locate the components and knowledge to complete the second trial, the Return of the Dark Sun. Though the Kingdom of Sea once again also had their own agents working on restoring the Machine (Wolf and the CIEF, though whether they were also unaware of their puppet-masters is unknown), the Kingdoms of Sky and Underworld did not take part. The King of the latter, Anthony DeSaxe, stated that if humanity had lost the knowledge for completing the trial and failed as a result, then they did not deserve to exist.

In 2016, the Star Chamber within the Underworld opened, allowing the nine Golden Spheres to be retrieved. As this heralded the third trial, the Diverting of the Hydra Galaxy, Hades alerted the other Kingdoms of the development, with the fourth Great Games of the Hydra set to begin within the next month. Having been anticipating that the Chamber would open for nearly twenty years, each King selected four champions (most of whom had been preparing for the Games for years) to participate on their behalf in the Games.

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  • During The Six Sacred Stones, Iolanthe had suggested that America had been attempting to create a royal lineage through a succession of familial Presidents, however in The Four Legendary Kingdoms it is revealed that the latest king of Sea was from an American-born lineage. Of course, she was likely trying to conceal the existence of the Kingdom of Sea, and thus the Four Legendary Kingdoms.
  • Additionally, the fact that the recent Kings of Sea were Americans may explain the U.S.'s desire to obtain the Third Pillar from the Japanese during the Second World War, since it would follow that they would want a talisman (as Iolanthe had already implied) to rival the status of the Kingdom of Land, which was the only Kingdom to possess a Pillar.