The Diverting of the Hydra Galaxy is the intervention to keep a seperate galaxy from colliding with the Milky Way.

It is the Third Trial set for humankind by the Super-Ancient Beings.

History Edit

Early History Edit

At a currently unknown point in Earth's history, a race of Super-Ancient Beings discovered the Hydra galaxy, which was hurtling through the universe aimlessly. They were subsequently able to somehow learn how to change the direction of the Hydra galaxy as they saw fit.

The Super-Ancients knew that even after they were gone from the Earth (by extinction, or otherwise departing the planet), there may yet be intelligent life, and decided to set the Hydra galaxy on a collision course with Earth as the third of five trials, which would allow them to determine if a new sentient species had arisen and were worthy of existing.

To this end, they constructed a mysterious antennae out of an unknown substance with the appearance of mountain rock within a meteor crater, and established a series of challenges that participants would have to accomplish to retrieve nine Golden Spheres. These Spheres would need to truly be earned in order to activate the mysterious device, which upon completion would activate and send out a signal that would divert the Hydra galaxy from its collision course with Earth. The Super-Ancients sealed the Spheres in a chamber near the antennae, which would only open only a few months prior to the arrival of the Hydra galaxy, heralding the time that any new sentient beings had left to divert the Hydra galaxy.

After the Super-Ancients were gone, the Four Legendary Kingdoms learned about the trials left behind by the Super-Ancient Beings, among them the diverting of the Hydra galaxy. They maintained the realm containing the antennae and challenge areas, keeping them secret from the rest of the world. The Four Kingdoms held three Great Games intended as practise of the challenges for earning the Golden Spheres. They also learned that the successful diverting of the Hydra Galaxy would allow one person the opportunity to receive knowledge from the Super-Ancient Beings regarding the final two trials they would have to face.

Before The Four Legendary Kingdoms Edit


The Four Legendary Kingdoms Edit


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