Tenzin Depon is a member of the Four Legendary Kingdoms, and a Champion in the Fourth Great Games of the Hydra.


Early HistoryEdit

Tenzin Depon was born in 1994 as the first-born son of the King of Sky, Kenzo Depon. He and his younger brother Renzin became members of the Kingdom of Sky that included their Tibetan homeland, as part of the ancient group known as the Four Legendary Kingdoms. Because of his membership in the Four Kingdoms, Tenzin was taught about the true history of mankind, as well as learning of the five trials set by super-ancient beings to test humanity.

As the third trial, the Diverting of the Hydra Galaxy, was expected to occur by the mid 2010s, Tenzin devoted himself to preparing for the Great Games of the Hydra that preceded the trial, planning on being one of the sixteen participants. When he was only eight, Tenzin forsaked his family and legacy by dedicating himself to becoming a warrior-monk to thoroughly train for the Games.

After fourteen years of training, Tenzin ventured to the Underworld to take his place as a Champion in the Great Games, along with a few of his friends who were to be his hostages, and had an explosive device implanted in his neck.

The Four Legendary KingdomsEdit

Tenzin, like the other participants in the Games, awoke in a strange cell to find himself confronted by a strange man in a bull-shaped helmet. After killing his opponent, Tenzin ventured out of the cell to find himself among thirteen others who had succeeded against their enemies. They were then all confronted by the King of the Underworld, Hades, who explained for those who few Champions who were not aware that they were all participants in the Great Games of the Hydra.

Though Tenzin succeeded in passing the Second and Third Challenges, the Champion who had claimed the Golden Sphere in the Third ChallengeGregory Brigham, was offered a reward of his own choosing; he chose to have Tenzin executed, since he was the next-highest ranked Champion to win the Games. Accepting his fate, Tenzin closed his eyes as Vacheron detonated the explosive in Tenzin's neck, killing him instantly, and his hostages were also killed moments later.



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