The Stormtrooper Gorillas are the result of DARPA's Project Stormtrooper.

History Edit

Before Hell Island Edit

As part of a project to make shock troops for the United States Armed Forces, DARPA was tasked with using gorillas due to their ferocity and brutal strength. The gorillas used for the project were cloned from the DNA of African Mountain Gorillas, so that they would not have to take any and do damage to the populations.

Raised on Hell Island, they had chips grafted onto their brains to make them more intelligent and make them able to obey commands. In order to keep them from attacking their own masters, Malcolm Knox created a silver disk which created an signal that told the gorillas not to attack anyone wearing it.

Hell IslandEdit





  • The title Stormtrooper is from Star Wars, where the villains have cloned a bounty hunter for their shock troops.

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