The Speed Razor is a hover car belonging to Xavier Xonora and his team.


Before Hover Car RacerEdit


Hover Car RacerEdit



Hover / Flight CapabilitiesEdit

Like any hover car, the Speed Razor is equipped with a set of six magneto drives in order to perform verticle take-off and landing feats, as well as fly.


As with all racing-class hover cars, the Speed Razor is capable of reaching speeds that the average land-based car could not, easily up to a few hundred km/h and near to Mach 1.

Reinforced CockpitEdit

Due to the extreme speeds race cars fly at, the Speed Razor posseses a heavily reinforced cockpit that can withstand a lot of damage should the car crash. Of course, this is not full-proof, nor intended to be a primary safety measure, as the cockpit also contains ejection seats for the driver and navigator too use, and so the reinforced cockpit is a back-up precaution should they fail to eject in time.


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