Soloman Kol is a farmer from Kenya.


Before The Six Sacred StonesEdit

Soloman Kol was a farmer in Kenya, in a nearby farm belonging to the team protecting Lily. How much he actually knew about the mission at the time is unclear, however he was probably ignorant until after the mission to restore the Golden Capstone in 2006 was completed, and he was given the team's farm. He insisted that it was still theirs, but agreed to keep it in order for them.

At the New Year's celebration on the helicopter pad at the Burj al Arab Tower, Soloman appeared briefly with the Sea Ranger.

The Six Sacred StonesEdit

In December 2007, Soloman was called upon to help with the team's plane, the Halicarnassus, and met them at an old UN depot with fuel for their plane and a huey helicopter. Hearing their mission to set the Pillars and restore the Machine to save the world, Soloman elected to help Wizard, Zoe, Lily and Alby in locating the fabled Neetha tribe in the Congo.

However they were captured by the Neetha, and when the Neetha Chief's son Warano sought to make Lily his wife, despite her only being eleven, Soloman decided to try and stand up for her. However the lanky farmer was no match for the warrior, and was run through with a sword. His last words were an apology for failing to Lily, before Warano beheaded him and kicked his body into the water for crocodiles to feed on.

When Zoe took her turn to fight Warano to keep Lily safe, she successfully beat and killed him, avenging Soloman.



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