Sky Monster is a New Zealand Air Force pilot, who is a member of the Coalition of Minnows team, primarily operating as the team's pilot for the Halicarnassus and Sky Warrior.


Early HistoryEdit

At some point after turning 18, the man known only as Sky Monster joined the New Zealand Air Force, where he earned his call-sign.

Through his adult life, Sky Monster's parents were constantly on his back to provide them with grandchildren.

Before Seven Ancient WondersEdit

In 1996, Sky Monster was among New Zealand's representatives in a meeting of small nations to discuss uniting to restore the Golden Capstone in order to avert the destruction threatened by the Tartarus sunspot. Soon the pilot was chosen as his country's representative to help guard Lily until she was old enough to begin translating the clues leading to the hiding places within the seven Ancient Wonders.

Over the next several years spent raising Lily at the team's base in Kenya, Sky Monster took to looking after the plane that Jack West Jr has taken from Saddam Heussein, the Halicarnassus. At some point he began working with Wizard to develop the Retrograde Thrust System to allow it to hover in the air vertically. Sky Monster and Lily enjoyed reading the Lord of the Rings novels together, and after they watched the film adaptions together, he gave Lily her own call-sign; Eowyn.

When Lily turned ten, she managed to decipher the first part of the Callimachus text, and soon afterwards Jack led Sky Monster and the rest of the team to the Sudan to locate the Colossus of Rhodes Piece.

Seven Ancient WondersEdit

Being that he had little-to-no experience in ground combat, Sky Monster remained in the Halicarnassus while the team entered the ancient mine. After they were forced to abandon the Piece to Cal Kallis's CIEF team, Jack called Sky Monster to request that he extract them and their swamp-runners in the Hali.

After the team determined the Alexandria Lighthouse Piece was located at Hamilcar's Refuge, Sky Monster dropped them off on the Tunisia coast while they made their play for the Piece against the CIEF. A day after he picked up the team following the failed mission, Sky Monster piloted the Halicarnassus to pick up Jack from an Italian resort island.

In the wake of their failures, Jack called a team meeting, during which Sky Monster left the plane on auto-pilot. During the discussion regarding the final resting place of the Temple of Artemis Piece with the Cult of Amun Ra, Sky Monster spoke up to note that he was under the impression that the Cult had long since died out, to which Wizard informed him that the Cult of Amun Ra was now the Catholic Church.

Once Jack reluctantly decided they needed to liberate Mustapha Zaeed, an expert on the Capstone, from Guantanamo Bay to help, Sky Monster piloted the Hali while other members of the team took control of the plane's turrets. He managed to make a landing on the base's golf course with ease, having earlier teased Jack to give him a harder challenge. With Zaeed's assistance, the team were able to determine the locations of the next two Pieces, and soon afterwards Sky Monster dropped off the divided team to Paris and Frankfurt so that they could retrieve the next Pieces. Once Jack's team retrieved the Zeus Piece, Sky Monster picked them up and escaped to Spain.

Later, after they had landed back at Victoria Station, Sky Monster was in the middle of doing a post-flight check when they suddenly came under fire from the Judah's men. Sky Monster was quickly able to get the Halicarnassus up and running in time to allow most of them to escape. When taking the team to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in Iraq, Sky Monster heard radio chatter of approaching CIEF forces and warned Jack. Following the disastrous mission in which only Jack and Pooh Bear made it back, Sky Monster picked them up, and was subjected to watch as Jack checked them all for tracking bugs and Jack himself failed.

Next, Sky Monster and Pooh Bear attacked the CIEF forces gathered at the Great Pyramid in order to prevent them from attaining global power. Initiating the Halicarnassus's vertical hovering ability, Sky Monster was more freely able to assist in the assault by firing missiles at the enemy choppers. When the battle was over, Sky Monster took the team away from the area.

In the following weeks after the battle, Sky Monster assisted Jack in retrieving the Pillar from the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus and Mirror from the Lighthouse of Alexandria from Hamilcar's refuge, and transported them to the nearest airfield to Jack's new farm in Australia.

Between Seven Ancient Wonders and The Six Sacred StonesEdit

Some time after the mission was completed, Sky Monster returned to New Zealand to resume his regular duties, while occasionally being asked to go over some details of the Capstone mission. During his time off, he would regularly visit Jack and Lily at the Great-Sandy Desert Farm. Though the absence of most of her former guardians, including Sky Monster, was hard on Lily at first, she in turn took to visiting of then in their home nation whenever possible.

Sky Monster was able to rejoin the entire team as they celebrated the 2007 New Year at the Burj al Arab in Dubai.

Some time shortly before the first of December 2007, Sky Monster was visiting Jack's farm to visit him and Lily during her school break.

The Six Sacred StonesEdit

Sky Monster was awoken by Jack as he called to his guests that the farm was about to be attacked by invading Chinese forces, and rushed off alone to get the Halicarnassus ready for everyone to flee. Meeting Jack and Zoe's LSV's on the highway, he extracted them and began a fire fight with Chinese MiGs, which they managed to repel or destroy. After fleeing to Dubai, Sky Monster represented New Zealand once again as they learned of a new danger in the form of the Dark Sun and the necescity of restoring the Machine.

Sky Monster transported most of the team to China so that they could free Wizard and Tank from the Chinese, and later rendezvoued with them in order to take them to Mortimer Island in order to go over the information they had learned. Once the First Pillar was cleansed, Sky Monster took the team to Abu Simbel so that they could lay the Pillar at its Vertex.

However, while the team were busy, Sky Monster and Stretch learned of an invading force heading for the team, and after they eventually made contact to warn them, he dropped Stretch off so that they could rendezvous at the highway. When Wizard's car arrived, pursued by the enemy forces, one of the Hali's engines was damaged by an RPG and troops prepared to invade. An angered Sky Monster left Wizard to steer them towards a stretch of highway they could still take off from while he went after the troops with a shotgun. Unaware his radio ear-piece had come loose, Jack saved him from an ambush, and told Sky Monster to leave everyone else behind if it meant getting Wizard, Lily and the Pillar away. With the last stretch of highway looming, Sky Monster was forced to leave Jack, Stretch, Pooh Bear and Astro behind as they headed for the Congo.

However, with the damage the Halicarnassus had taken and lacking the necessary fuel, Sky Monster had to send Wizard's team off from Rwanda, while he remained with the plane, and waited for Solomon Kol's friends to arrive with more fuel. Once they arrived, he then returned to the team's old farm and repaired the Hali with a spare engine he had stored there, and headed off to the Congo, listening for any radio chatter about the team. Eventually spotting a Clipper, he radioed it to discover Wizard, Zoe and Lily in it and in need of an escape, and quickly extracted everyone before the natives within the Clipper sabotaged it.

While trying to get to the second Vertex under Table Mountain, Sky Monster discovered that all traffic into South Africa was blocked, and they were thus unable to reach the Vertex. While resting at an airfield, the team was contacted by Jack, and Sky Monster and the others watched Jack make his way through the Vertex via a video feed, and his subsequent fall into the chasm. Though as shocked as everyone else, Sky Monster noted that Jack had managed to lay the Pillar, but then had to prepare the Halicarnassus to leave as enemy F-15's approached their position.

The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit


Between The Five Greatest Warriors and The Four Legendary KingdomsEdit


The Four Legendary KingdomsEdit



While he is far more comfortable fighting in the air than he is on the ground, Sky Monster is a reliable ally and is able to adapt to any kind of odd aerial combat situation.


  • Sky Monster's actual name has not been revealed, and it is constantly joked that only his parents know what it is.
  • Sky Monster is also the only team member who did not get a new nickname from Lily.
    • Ironically, however, he is the one who gives Lily a nickname of her own; Eowyn.