« "Mister President. Allow me to introduce you to the latest Chinese biological weapon. Meet the Sinovirus." »
— Gunther Botha
The Sinovirus is a Chinese bio-weapon which targets people pocessing pigmentation enzymes.


Before Area 7Edit

Some time before the begining of the 21st century, presumably during the late 1980's or during the 90's, the Chinese successfully created the Sinovirus, which when released would kill anyone of European or African descent.

When American intelligence learned of the ethnic-bullet bio-weapon, the Air Force was delegated the task of developing a vaccine, and the project, codenamed Fortune, was overseen by Jerome Harper at Area 7. Needing people with great knowledge of race-specific diseases, Gunther Botha was recruited into the project, despite some concerns regarding his previous association with apartheid regimes.

In secret, Botha reverse-engineered a sample of the virus to only attack people of African descent, elimanating the parts of the virus that attacked white cells, and planned to escape from the U.S. and deliver it to die Organasie.

When the Chinese learned about the vaccine being developed, they decided to steal the vaccine and the virus from the U.S. so that their pocession of the vaccine would allow them to redevelop the Sinovirus to be able to overcome it. They bought out the Echo Unit of the base's 7th Squadron personnel, and allowed the U.S. to steal the latest strand of the Sinovirus to let them prove the vaccine's effectiveness and avoid suspicion.

Area 7Edit



The Sinovrius is a nightmarish bio-weapon that was years in the making in some countries, particularly South Africa during the apartheid regime, but finally reaching successful creation by the Chinese near the start of the 21st century. It is intended to attack any humans pocessing pigmentation enzymes, which is what allows that person to appear eith black, white, or so on. The Chinese developed this virus since their own people, and indeed anyone of Asian descent, do not have pigment cells and would thus remain unaffected.

The Sinovirus has an alarmingly fast kill-rate. Within moments of inhaling the virus, the infected person will immediately start coughing, and ten seconds later will experience gastrointestinal irritation. 30 seconds after contact, the stomach will liquefy, soon followed by the liver and kidneys. 90 seconds after exposure, the subject's organs will shut down, causing death within two minutes. 

When the Sinovirus is released as an airborne gas, the virus spreads slowly through the immediate area, and will instantly infect anyone who breathes it in. People who wear gas masks will take longer to infect, since the virus will instead become absorbed through orifices in the skin, and will take half and hour to cause a fatal reaction. Sufficient protection such as a bio-suit or vaccine is the only chance one has to avoid death.



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