Simon Zemir is a member of the Israeli Air Force.


Early HistoryEdit

When the Americans launched their MNRR study, Simon Zemir was established having extraodrinary reflexes (how he came to participate in the program is unclear since it was an American / British study, though the Mossad may have done their own tests and identified Zemir), making him one of the few people who could disarm the CincLock-VII security system.

When Majestic-12 planned to initiate a Cold War by launching American Chameleon missiles at various places around the world, and started a bounty hunt to remove all those who would be able to stop them, Zemir was added to their liquidation list.


Zemir was sent with a team of Sayaret Tzanhim commandos in order to disarm the missiles set to be launched from the Kormoran ship MV Talbot in the British Channel. Once onboard, Zemir and his team engaged the Nigerian Army forces stationed onboard, and were close to defeating them when Demon and his IG-88 unit joined the battle.

Though Zemir managed to get close enough to the silos to begin using the CincLock-VII system, members of the Skorpions snuck past his guardians. Shane Schofield tried to call out a warning, only to end up creating more of a distraction, which allowed Dmitri Zamanov to cut off Zemir's head, leaving Schofield the only man remaining on M-12's bounty list alive.