Scott J. Syracuse, nicknamed the Scythe, is a former racer who teachers at the International Race School.


Before Hover Car RacerEdit

When he was a young driver, Scott Syracuse attended the International Race School. Syracuse proved to be extremely talented on the track, with many fans expecting that he would have a long career, giving him the nickname the Scythe.

After graduating from the Race School, Syracuse joined the Lombardi Racing Team. While he was racing for them, he became friends with the team's founder, Umberto Lombardi.

During a race on the Italian Run, Syracuse planned to discover the layout of the shortcut so that he could use it in future years. By coincidence, he ended up near last place during the race, so many assumed his run into the shortcut was a desperate ploy. When Syracuse discovered the route through the maze, he returned back to the shortcut's entrance, by which time the race had finished over four hours earlier.

Syracuse participated in a few more races that year, however during the New York Masters, he was wiped out by fellow racer Alessandro Romba, and the accident resulted in the neurotransmitters in his brain being damaged. This meant that he could not possibly react fast enough on the race track; his racing career was over.

Two years later, the International Race School offered him a filling-in position as a teacher, and during these periods the students became annoyed because of his tendancy to give them extra pit training. When the year was over, the school took him on as a full-time teacher for the next year.

Hover Car RacerEdit

Recruiting the Chasers / Race School BeginsEdit

Before the school year began, Syracuse accompanied Principal Jean-Pierre LeClerq to the Indo-Pacific Regional Championships. Although Barnaby Becker won the race, Syracuse was more interested in Jason Chaser, who'd utilised a different tactic than everyone else. Meeting Jason and his navigator the Bug in their pit area, Syracuse asked the Bug for his plan for the course, and compared it to the optimal course plan.

Syracuse later visited the brothers at their home, noting their exceptional skills, and asked if they would like a place at the Internation Racing School under his tutelage. When they agreed, Syracuse made the arrangements, and returned to the School to prepare for the year.

Once the students were assigned their teachers, Syracuse met Horatio Wong, Isaiah Washington and Jason at the pit lane, where his teaching style quickly got on the older boys' nerves, and Jason felt unappreciated because of Syracuse's lack of praise.

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