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Scott Kaplan, also known as Snake, is a member of Shane Schofield's Recon team and an operative for the Intelligence Convergance Group.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Scott Kaplan was born in Dallas in 1953.

Scott joined the United States Marine Corps at the age of 18, where he gained the call-sign Snake. During his time in the Corps, Snake became a specialist in small arms, snipering and hand-to-hand combat.

Sometime before 1992, he was recruited into the Intelligence Convergance Group, with orders to be prepared to kill his own unit should they ever find something of value.

Snake was eventually assigned to the Marine Recon Unit 16, led by Shane Schofield.

Ice StationEdit

Snake was among Scofield's first team to investigate Wilkes Ice Station and the apparent alien spacecraft, and prepared to shoot any hostels while Schofield opened the door. Snake waited outside to keep an eye for anyone else appraoching the station. After the French started attacking the Marines, Snake opened fire on a French hovercraft, killing one soldier before entering the station to assist Santa Cruz and Montana.

After defeating all of the French forces, Schofield ordered Snake to repair the diving bell. While everyone else was busy, Snake decided to start eliminating his own team mates as was ICG protocol, starting with the already wounded Samurai, suffocating him, believing everyone would attribute it to his already serious wounds. While working with Book and Rebound to try and contact McMurdo Station, Schofield asked Snake to check that the murderous Wilkes scientist, James Renshaw, was still in his room. Snake took the opportunity to take out his commander, and while he claimed Renshaw was gone, he fired with his sniper through a window above the station, to avoid igniting the gases, straight into Schofield's neck, stopping his heart.

However, once he had assessed that Schofield was dead, he kicked his body into the diving pool, unknowingly kickstarting his heart due to the icy water acting like a defribulator. While Renshaw helped Schofield to recover, Snake decided to take out the Mother, who was already badly wounded. But she valiantly managed to fight him off, and got a message to the other Marines, who arrived and subdued him.

He was handcuffed to a pole on the diving deck, along with French scientist Luc Champion and Henri Rae. Snake remained silent as Schofield questioned his actions, only telling him that the ICG would surely kill them all. However upon learning that a team from the British SAS was on its way, led by Briadier Trevor Barnaby, was about to arriv at Wilkes, Schofield decided to leave Snake behind. Barnaby noted that British Intelligence suspected him of being ICG, and mocked Snake before he killed the French scientists, spattering their blood all over him.

When Book was brought back to Wilkes by the SAS, Barnaby interogated him to find out if Schofield had sent men down to the cavern with the spaceship. Unable to get a response, Barnaby demanded Snake to tell him the truth under the threat of death, and Snake admitted that there were people down there, and Book was subsequently killed by Killer Whales.

When Schofield returned and was captured, barnaby decided to allow the two Marines to fight to the death, the winner being allowed to live slightly longer. Being taken the drilling room, Snake was the only one who was uncuffed, and brutally attacked Schofield. Despite having the advantage, Schofield managed to get Snake's head under the drill, and, while it was on, lowered it down through his head, killing the traitorous Marine.



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