Rufus is the very large best friend of Aloysius Knight and pilot of his plane, the Black Raven.


Before ScarecrowEdit

Rufus was a pilot for Delta Force operators, and worked with Aloysius Knight on several occassions.

He was often teased by his fellow pilots because of his awkwardness in social situations, and was often pranked by being sent to briefings he wasn't meant to be at or having women act sexy towards him. It was only when Knight, the only one to never mock him, intervened that the teasing stopped.

Rufus was the pilot for a group of Intelligence Convergance Group agents within Delta, led by Wade Brandeis, who were sent to Knight's position after he saw Osama bin Laden and several other terrorist leaders. Once the ICG agents arrived, they attempted to kill Knight and Rufus but Knight saved them. After that, Rufus joined Knight as his bounty hunting partner as the ICG framed both of them for murdering the ICG agents.


Rufus assists Knight in finding Shane Schofield as they were hired by Lillian Mattencourt to protect him to foil the plans of a group of billionaires known as Majestic-12 who were trying to create a new Cold War to earn more money from their trade.

After intially being too late to Schofield's location at Krask-8, Rufus and Knight track him to Afghanistan, where Knight helps Schofield and his team escape from the Skorpions. During the battle, Rufus noticed IG-88 taking Schofield's girlfriend, Libby Gant, and informed the others when they explained their reason for keeping Schofield alive. Rufus was then sent to take Book II and Mother to London to find out more about the bounty hunt from a Mossad agent.

Before he could leave to redezvous with Knight, Schofield and Gant in France, he was detained by Scott Moseley's men until Book II and Mother returned and requested him to take Mother to meet with the others in France. During the journey, Rufus explained their history to Mother. Shortly after arriving near the Forteresse de Valois, they pick up Knight after Gant was killed and he narrowly escaped. They proceed to rescue Schofield from a French Aircraft Carrier, and Knight and Rufus witnesses Schofield's attempt to take his own life and the fight between Mother and Schofield.

With Schofield agreeing (with thanks to Mother) to help beat Majestic-12, Rufus flies them to the English Chanel where they disarm a Chameleon missile and then he accompaines Schofield by piloting an X-38 to speed them to another nuke heading right for Yemen. Though the missile is destroyed, Rufus, Schofield and Knight are forced to eject, and are all knocked unconscious. During this time, they are captured by Brandeis, who under Killian's orders, takes them back to the castle. Before they can be executed, Mother frees them and during the battle, Rufus is shot in the back, but remains alive.

After the crisis is over, Rufus and Knight go to claim their reward from Mattencourt for keeping Schofield alive but she is killed by Demon Larkham for stealing their bounties during the hunt, making them even. Later, Knight and Rufus are on another assignment, but a letter from Knight to Schofield says that if he ever needs help, he and Rufus would be there to assist him.





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