Ronson H. Weitzman is a United States General.


Before ScarecrowEdit

General Ronson Weitzman oversaw the development of two classified projects, Chameleon - missiles designed to mimic those belonging to other countries - and Kormoran, warships disguised as civilian tankers.

In 1996, Weitzman organised a study with the British, the Motor Neuron Rapidity of Response study, to test the reflexes of their soldiers. The study was part of the development of the CincLock-VII security system, which Weitzman wanted to use in conjunction with the Chameleon project to reduce the possibility of someone hijacking the disguised missiles.

When the CincLock system was completed, Weitzman cut the MNRR study short, and pre-set the sequence for the systems so that only the six fastest soldiers from the study would be able to disarm it without knowing the flashing light's sequence.

It was because of his knowledge regarding Komoran and Chameleon, as well as his awareness of the CincLock's flashing light sequence, that Majestic-12 put Weitzman on their bounty list to keep him from being able to hinder their plans.


Weitzman was captured by the bounty hunters IG-88 shortly after the hunt began, and was set to be transferred to a castle in France, along with the girlfriend of another target, Elizabeth Gant. During the flight, Weitzman was handcuffed to the bonnet of a humvee, and Cowboy and two MI6 agents prepared to interrogate Weitzman on the American Universal Disarm Code, as well as the Chameleon and Kormoran projects.

After Charles Beaton injected him with EA-617 truth serum, Weitzman attempted to resist the serum's effects, prompting Beaton to increase the dosage. Weitzman began babbling about the projects, but only while Shane Schofield and the Black Knight were fighting the IG-88 men. When he had a free moment after freeing Gant, Schofield tried to free the senseless man, however Cowboy beheaded him first.