Ricardo Mendoza is a Vatican cardinal and a member of the Catholic Church's Omega Group.


Early HistoryEdit

At some point, Ricardo Mendoza joined the Catholic Church, and came to know Francisco del Piero, whom Mendoza would later commend on his commitment to the Church. Mendoza moved through the ranks until he became the Under Secretary for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

At some time, Mendoza became a member of the Church's Omega Group, and learned much of what the Church knew of the forcoming Omega Event; the end of the universe.

Among the other things Mendoza learned from the Omega Group was the knowledge regarding the Four Legendary Kingdoms, whom the Church had served for thousands of years (particularly the Kingdom of Land); the Great Games of the Hydra, which was the third trial set by super-ancient beings and the heralding event prior to the Omega Event; and the Trismagi, the wise guardians of three secret cities. Mendoza would become the leading expert on the Trismagi.

Before The Four Legendary KingdomsEdit

After del Piero died at the end of the Capstone mission, the Church appointed Mendoza to take del Piero's place. Mendoza would mistakenly come to believe that Jack West Jr was the one to kill del Piero, and as a result followed the Australian's life and career with interest.

In September 2007, Australian Intelligence discovered that Mendoza had been sent by the Church to meet with the President of Cambodia, as part of a larger tour of Vatican embassies around the world, including India, the U.S. and Brazil. Jack was debriefed on Mendoza and these actions at Pine Gap.

In reality, Mendoza was being sent by the Church, at the request of the King of Land, Orlando Compton-Jones, to recruit potential candidates to participate in the Great Games on the behalf of the Kingdom of Land. While in Brazil, Mendoza requested the bishop of a São Paulo prison to offer a group of of former troopers their freedom in exchange for taking part in the Games. Mendoza would help prepare the dishonorably discharged troopers for the Great Games, eventually selecting Victor Vargas and Maurucio Corazon as two of the Kingdom of Land's representatives.

The Four Legendary KingdomsEdit





  • Mendoza mistakenly believes that Jack killed de Piero by throwing him into a jet engine. It was Judah who actually did this, while Judah would be the one Jack threw into the engine. Mendoza likely recieved the wrong information, and Jack doesn't attempt to correct Mendoza either.

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