Reese is a member of an alien species that competes in the seventh Presidian.


Before ContestEdit

Since the first Presidian began, Reece's species were considered intelligent enough by the presiding race to be allowed to participate. When it came time for the Seventh Presidian, the one that would simply be called Reece (despite that being her species' name) was chosen, and teleported to the labyrinth on Earth with her guide.




.She is quite evil


Reese's species are dinosaur-like creatures, which use two antennae to paralyze its prey, allowing them to strike with her venomous, sharp, scorpion-like tail (a feature found only in the female of her species).

She has no eyes, because her home planet has an extremely thick atmosphere that does not let any light in, and a three sided jaw. She has a very good sense of smell, which allows her to be able to track her prey based on things such as footprints, depending on how fresh the trail is.


  • Reese is the first antagonist to appear in any of Reilly's novels.
  • She is also the first (non-human) female antagonist.