Rashid Abbas, also known as Scimitar or the Scimitar of Allah, is the first-born son of Sheik Abbas.


Early HistoryEdit

Rashid Abbas, being Sheik Anzar al Abbas' first son, was given a traditional gold-and-jewel encrusted hilt knife for his thirteenth birthday, as a gift from a man to a man. As his brother Zahir al Anzar al Abbas did not recieve one of his birthday, he believed that his younger brother was not truly a man like himself, unaware of the true importance of how men should act.

During his life, Rashid joined the UAE's armed forces, taking the call-sign the Scimitar of Allah, though it was often shortened to Scimitar. Scimitar quickly rose through the ranks to a commander of a First Commando Regiment.

At some point he met Abdul Rahman al Saud, aka Vulture, and they became close friends, with Scimitar believing him to be more of a brother than Zahir.

Before The Six Sacred StonesEdit

Some time after the mission to restore the Golden Capstone in 2006, Scimitar and Vulture joined forces with Jack "Wolf" West Sr and Mao Gongli to find the remaining Pillars and restore the Machine to prevent the Dark Star from destroying life on Earth. In exchange for their help, Vulture would get the First Pillar and its reward, knowledge.

As his father and brother were allied with their mutual enemies, Scimitar decided that his actions in the mission would be more beneficial to his country and beliefs, and would make sacrifices of his family.

The Six Sacred StonesEdit

After the failiure to take the Firestone and capture Lily West from Jack West Jr.'s farm, Scimitar and Vulture headed to the Burj al Arab Tower in Dubai where Jack and his people had taken refuge with his father. Pretending to be allies with the same cause, they joined the meeting to discuss what to do about the Machine and its components.

After the first pillar is layed and the team is betrayed by Iolanthe, Pooh Bear, Astro, Jack, Stretch, Scimitar, and Vulture are taken to a mine in Ethiopia. There it is revealed that Scimitar and Vulture had taken part in the betrayal, the former going one step further as to leave Pooh Bear, his own brother, to die a horrific death at the hands of th radical Ethiopian guards. Both men then quite gleefully send Benjamin 'Stretch' Cohen back to Israel, where he'd no doubt suffer at the hand of the Old Master.

The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit



As the first-born son of the United Arab Emirates chief Sheik, Scimitar has lived a priviledged life. However, this has caused him to see the world differently from his father, where their beliefs can be set aside for alliances with countries that do not share the same ones. Instead, he believes that their way of life is the only one that should be allowed, and that changes caused by Western influences should be abolished completely.



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