Ralph Newman is Gena Newman's husband.

History Edit

Early HistoryEdit

Ralph and Gena met and married at young age.

A few weeks before the Area 7 incident, Ralph held a barbecue due to his purchase of a new barbecue. He and Shane Schofield had a basketball match in the backyard, but Ralph was pissed because Scofield let him win.

Area 7 Edit

Ralph was present at the White House when his wife, Schofield and some others were being awarded medals for saving the President's life. He and the President later had a conversation about the Teamsters.


Ralph, Mother, Schofield and Elizabeth Gant planned to go on a trip to Tuscany together.

Ralph held another barbecue after Mother and Schofield survived another incident.

Scarecrow and the Army of ThievesEdit

Ralph and Mother's marriage took a turn for the worse when they began feeling that their lives have become too routine, and Ralph called into question the reason Mother was spending so much time comforting Schofield after Gant's death.

Even though Mother had the chance to end things with Ralph by accepting a fling with Jean-Claude Huguenot / Baba, she realised she loved Ralph too much to do so. At yet another celebration at the White House for Mother and Schofield's efforts, Ralph was present, his relationship with Mother apparently back on track.

Personality Edit

Ralph has a reputation among the Marines that known him, being legendary for being able to handle Mother's abrassive nature. This may be due to being around such behavior during his time trucking around the country.



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