Raf is a brave, inventive and cunning member of the Northmen tribe.


Before Troll MountainEdit

As a child, Raf used to play with Bader, the tribe chief's third son. As they grew older, Bader grew taller and began to act imperiously towards Raf. When Raf challenged Bader to a wrestling match during the harvest games, their friendship turned to hostility.

Raf has a younger sister, Kira, and they farm the small plot of land beside their hovel. When Raf was twelve a rogue troll abducted his mother and killed his father. Since then he and Kira have cared for each other. Because of the attack, Raf has spent a lot of time inventing weapons, like his double-bladed axe and hidden knife, and practising his fighting skills.

As he grew older, Raf became more outspoken and unafraid of criticising the tribal chief and his decisions. Initially he tried to help the chief by offering to make more double-bladed axes for the tribe’s warriors, but when the chief laughed at him Raf became increasingly defiant.

Troll Mountain (Episode I)Edit

When Kira grows sick with the mysterious disease affecting the tribesfolk, Raf decides to journey to Troll Mountain to get the elixir that will save her.

Troll Mountain (Episode II)Edit


Troll Mountain (Episode III)Edit


Personality Edit

Raf stands out from the other members of his tribe, as he is keen to question tradition and has a sharp mind and a courageous heart.

Raf is seventeen, but boyish in appearance. He is small and thin with gangly limbs. His hair is sandy-coloured. Partly due to his size, Raf is not strong like the warriors of his tribe but he is nimble and fast. He is also a fantastic climber and can scamper up a cliff or tree quickly to avoid attack.


  • Unlike most of the other leading characters of Reilly's novels, Raf lacks a defining feature.
  • Also, he is the first leading character to not have his last name known.

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