Project Fortune was a United States Air Force project.


Before Area 7Edit

Some time before the beginning of the 21st century, presumably during the late 1980's or during the early 90's, the Chinese successfully created the Sinovirus, which when released would kill anyone of European or African descent.

When American intelligence learned of the ethnic-bullet bio-weapon, the Air Force was delegated the task of developing a vaccine, and the project, code-named Fortune, was overseen by Jerome Harper at Area 7. Needing people with great knowledge of race-specific diseases, Gunther Botha was recruited into the project, despite concerns regarding his previous association with apartheid regimes.

As part of the project, a perfectly healthy human being was needed to draw components of a potential anti-virus, and so a boy was artificially created and raised in isolation within Area 7, so as to prevent his body from becoming infected with other viruses and contaminants.

Once a sample of the latest strain of the Sinovirus was secretly obtained from Chinese research labs in Changchun, the newly developed vaccine was tested against the virus.

Area 7Edit

When the President visited Area 7 to look into the progress of the Project, Harper and Botha demonstrated the vaccines effectiveness on two prisoners; one had been inoculated and the other hadn't. After witnessing Leon Roy Hailey's gruesome death, the inoculated prisoner, Lucifer Leary, was also exposed the virus, but remained alive thanks to the success of the vaccine. 

People InvolvedEdit


The goal of Project Fortune was to create a vaccine to the biological weapon known as the Sinovirus. Upon its competition, it was to be dispensed through the country's water supply to secretly inoculate the population so that should the Chinese ever try to use it, it would have no effect.


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