Matthew Reilly has optioned the rights of several of his novels to different movie corporations. As of 2016, none have entered the production stage.

Novels Currently set for AdaptationEdit

Hover CarEdit

The rights to produce a film adaption of Hover Car Racer currently belong to Disney. On January 11, 2012, it was reported that plans to make the film were going ahead, with the film to instead be titled Hovercar. The script is being worked on by Superman Returns writer Dan Harris.

Scarecrow Series AdaptionEdit

After completing the first draft of The Five Greatest Warriors, Matthew Reilly was approached by a Hollywood producer to adapt Scarecrow into a screenplay. It was to be the first in a series of Shane Schofield movies, which Matthew Reilly said was okay with him, "but structurally it means introducing characters like Scarecrow and Mother and Book and Fox within the framework of the story in Scarecrow, as opposed to (the prequel) Ice Station."

The Great Zoo of ChinaEdit

On January 28th 2016, Reilly tweeted that the movie rights to The Great Zoo of China had been optioned by TriStar Pictures.

Reilly confirmed in the interview at the end of The Four Legendary Kingdoms (released 18th October 2016) that meetings with TriStar (though mentioned as Sony, which owns TriStar as a subsidiary) where still ongoing.

The TournamentEdit

Reilly confirmed in the interview at the end of The Four Legendary Kingdoms (released 18th October 2016) that he has written a screenplay for an adaption for The Tournament.

Huntsman Series Television AdaptionEdit

In the interview at the end of The Four Legendary Kingdoms (released 18th October 2016) Reilly mentioned that he had been in talks with an (unnamed) screenwriter to develop the Jack West stories for television.



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