The Presidian is a contest between the intelligent races of the universe in which the representing participants fight to the death.


Early HistoryEdit

The first four Presidia took place before humankind became intelligent enough to be considered for participation.

In one Presidian, the Karanadon took out all of the remaining contestants, resulting in no overall victor.

Humans did not enter the Presian until the Fifth, in which a roman centurion was selected. He was quickly bested by the Malonian, and despite pleading for his life, was brutally decapitated and his breast plate taken as a trophy. This Malonian would go on to win the Presidian.

In the Sixth Presidian, another human was entered, but also fared poorly. It was because of both humans' quick failiures that it was decided by the governing race that the next human contestant would have more than just fighting skills.




The Presidian is presided over by Selexin's race (who have not been named) and whom also do not participate. Instead, they send seven representatives to act as guides for the contestants, providing them with information on the current labyrinth and their opponents. They offer a grand prize to the winner of the Presidian, but it is not mentioned what that prize is.




  • Selexin mentions several times that there are only seven intelligent races in the universe, though he does not seem to include his own race who do not participate in the Presidian (presumably because they are too small physically), meaning that there are actually eight intelligent species.