Otto Niemeyer is a former member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


Before Ice StationEdit

Otto Niemeyer was once in the Air Force, flying Phantoms over Vietnam, and got shot down near the Mekong Delta in 1965, and was a prisoner of war until he was rescued a year later. Niemeyer moved on to work in the Pentagon in the Procurement Division until 1974.

In 1972, President Nixon made him a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a position he maintained while under President Carter.

In 1977, Niemeyer was on the comittee for creating a stealth bomber, however he voted for one of the losing contenders, a company called Entertech Ltd. Despite this, Niemeyer was intrigued by Entertech's offer of creating a completely invisible plane, and arrangd for an ice station to be built in Antarctica for the company to make it. Niemeyer made occassional visits to the station to monitor the progress of the B-7A Silhouette.

However in December 1979, the station was hit by an earthquake and it, and the Silhouette, were lost. At the very end of that month, Niemeyer (unaware of what had happened) left for another inspection. However something happened to his plane on the way, and it crashed near the South Shetland islands, killing Niemeyer.

Ice StationEdit

A name badge with Niemeyer's name on it was found by a boy named Jose in the Pacific Ocean.