The Online Short Stories are fictional stories written by Matthew Reilly but have not been published.

Short StoriesEdit

Rewind / The Fate of Flight 700 Edit

Written two years before the film Memento, Rewind is the screenplay for a short film that plays out in reverse.

The MineEdit

From mutant animals to deadly traps, can Australian archaeologist Dr. Jessica Chase escape The Mine?

A Bad Day at Fort BraggEdit

When a by-invitation guided tour of the Fort turns into an ambush executed by disgruntled Delta Force soldiers, Mitchell Raleigh, thriller writer, must use his researched military knowledge to help save his life.

Altitude RushEdit

What do two master thieves do to get across Manhattan in broad daylight when they can’t touch the ground?

The Rock Princess and the Thriller WriterEdit

An is-it-or-isn’t-it-autobiographical romance tale, starring Mitchell Raleigh.

Time ToursEdit

Mitchell Raleigh is once again in trouble when his Time Tour goes horribly wrong…

The Dead PrinceEdit

Name of the Rose meets Basic Instinct in this old-world thriller

Complex 13Edit

Did the Soviet Union have its own Area 51? Discover the mysteries within.


  • These stories are all available to view on Matthew Reilly's website.
  • The name of Mitchell Raleigh, a recurring character in some of the stories, is a play on Matthew Reilly's own name.


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